Do you need a personal Computer/Laptop and find it difficult to select the best one that will suit your style and profession? Hp laptop have you covered with is various specifications and budget friendliness. We will discuss on the various features to look at when choosing a laptop.

Features of laptops

  1. Screen size
  2. Color
  3. Screen Touch capability
  4. Keyboard Back light
  5. Web Camera
  6. Ram size
  7. Processor

Laptop Screen size

The Screen size of a laptop matters a lot to most people base on their profession and preferences, most graphic designers prefer a lager screen size of laptop even most programmers do as well, or you might just be the type that love large screen. Also some people may prefer a smaller screen size laptop.

Advantages of a large screen Laptop

  • More clearer view of Data on your laptop screen
  • It can help to reduce the overall time in carrying out a primary task

Advantages of small screen sized laptop

  • Ease of mobility, you can easily carry it around.
  • Overall weight of laptop is reduced.

Here are different categories of laptop screen

hp 14 inch laptop

Screen size: 14 inch Hp Laptop

Screen size: 15 inch Hp laptop

Screen size: 17.3 inch Hp laptop

Laptop Color

Color of a laptop matters as well, most people like the feeling they get when holding a fully dark laptop or a pike colored laptop, all that matters is individual preference. There are so many varieties of colors when it comes to laptops.

                                                                Here are some laptop color

Screen touch Capability

Few laptops come with the screen touch capability, but there are out there. Such laptops are mostly used by graphic designers and most of such laptop comes with a detachable monitor making it look like a tablet hand held. If you prefer to touch rather than key press, then a touch screen laptop is your choice though it also comes with a keyboard. Using a touch capable laptop has so many advantages, especially when working on a projects that has to do with drawings, alternatively you can use a drawing pad

Here are some Laptops with touch capability and without touch capability

Keyboard backlit

Using a laptop with keyboard backlit has lots of advantages as it enables you to be able to see the keyboard of your laptop in a dark place, with the help of a built in keyboard light, If you work mostly at night and you find it difficult to see your keys on the keyboard then a laptop with keyboard backlit is essential for you.

Here are laptops with backlit

Web Camera

Web camera on laptop is very essential this days, even if we do not use them, we all need a laptop that have web camera because we just cannot know when we will be need it. My advice to you is to get a laptop with web camera which will enable you use popular social networks like skype and the likes and also for business purposes. We hardly even find a laptop without one this day.

Ram Size

Ram size matters a lot, if you want your laptop to be fast enough the ram size is one thing to look at, the higher the ram size component with a fast processor speed you are good to go, most laptop comes with ram size of 4 Gb and includes an expansion slot, which provided the feature of you adding another ram to your laptop in other to increase its overall ram size

Here are some laptops with their initial Ram size


A processor is the brain of the laptop, a faster processor lets you perform spreadsheets, surf web pages, run faster programming software, play games or edit photos faster, but it has its down side of battery draining, that is it drains the battery of your laptop faster

Here are laptops with their processors