4 Tips in DatIng a Man and Not a Boy


Dating has to do with the agreement between two persons to learn more about each other and evaluate if the both of you are worth each other to move to a more serious relationship with more commitment. But in doing so ladies tend to waste their time with one guy and end up not being within, making them start all over again with someone else. Waste of precious time right? Remember we don’t get younger.

I will be discussing with you, on how not to waste your time dating the wrong person just to move to a serious and committed relationship. Time is precious and worth saving. For you not to waste your time, it all depends on who you are dating. In this context who you date is divided in two groups a man and a boy.

The question is that, are you dating a man or you are dating a boy? You might not be able to answer this question now, not until after you know the difference between a man and a boy. Here a man does not mean he is an adult or a boy meaning he is a child. The context used a man and a boy, as to do with the emotional, mental, and financial maturity.  He can be 34 years old and still be a boy, like wise he can be 24 years old and a man. Let’s dive into differences between a man and a boy for more understanding.

dating a man
Dating a man and not a boy


A man will never be afraid to stand by you when everyone is against you, he defends you and always seek to protect you in any way he can.

A boy will not defend you or stand for you because he does not value you to the extent of standing for you when everyone else are against you, he chickens out and leaves you to face your challenges yourself.

A man makes decision, he does not need to wait for his relatives to decide things concerning his life for him. He just critically analyzes it and draws a good decision. He is not afraid to take decision and handles the risk no matter the result.

A boy never makes decisions on his own, everything he tries to do is decided by others, he is too scared to take critical decision without involving lots of people to make the decision for him.

A man knows what he wants and what is good for him, his decision to stay with you should not be based on someone making him to, what happens if that someone ask him to let you go. A man goes for what he wants not what other people want for him when it comes to, who to date or be in a relationship with.

A boy does not know what he wants, you are just an option and a decision made by people, he stays with you base on what people think, like “you both look good together”, “he is good for you “. He is not with you because he wants to, maybe because of someone else who thinks he should be with you.

A man is financially stable, He works and is ready to work more, to meet up with living a good life and becoming better. He is not comfortable in remaining in one financial position for too long especially when it is not what he aims to achieve.

A boy is comfortable and do not want to improve financially even though he is not living the kind of life he wants; he does not aspire to be better or sees himself achieving better things in life. a guy like this find it difficult to get into a committed relationship, he is not even committed to himself, how much to someone else.


With your understanding now of  who a man id and who a boy is, here goes the question again, Are you dating a man or a boy? Never waste your time with a boy, he is never ready to be committed, to him dating is a fun fare. Do not let your heart be a place to play, give it to who deserve it.