What is the meaning of Facebook ads

Facebook is a social platform that has grown beyond just a social media for just chatting and sending various messages to close friends and families. They are lots of things that can be accomplished with Facebook such as:

  • Meeting and connecting with new people.
  • Getting entertained
  • Getting jobs
  • Making your business aware to a wider range of customers. etc.

What we will be focusing on is using this wonderful platform called Facebook, to promote our businesses, Website, get more customers and hopefully make lots of money from it using Facebook ads also known as Facebook advertisement.The importance of Facebook ads can not be over emphasize, as it is one of the way to Skye rocket your online business, online presence and website. It is part of social marketing, Learn more.

3 things needed in other to use Facebook ads

  • A Facebook account
  • A Facebook page
  • A debit master card or a paypal account

Creating a Facebook account

To create a Facebook account you need to follow 3 steps

Facebook login
  • Fill in your details under Create an account, then click on sign up
  • A code will be sent to your registered email address or phone number, in this case it is a phone number and click continue
Create facebook account

And you are done with creating a Facebook account, you can add a profile picture and edit your profile details further.

Creating a Facebook page

  • click on create at the top left corner
  • Click on page
  • You now need yo decide if your page is for a business or community or public figure. For this course i will select a business because i want to promote a business and not a public figure. Click on Get Started
Adding image
  • Fill the Page name field and the Category of your business, it could be clothing as i picked or it could be technology, just any business of your choice will do. Click continue
Facebook page filled
  • Upload a profile picture for the business, it can be your logo or a picture of yourself.
facebook page profile picture
  • Upload a Cover picture for the business, it can be your logo or a picture of yourself.
facebook page Cover picture

And you are done with creating your Facebook page. You can also invite friends to like your page, you can create events and post your products.

Creating a post on your page

A post created on your page is a way of allowing customers to see your products, a promo or any important information you want the customer to see. In creating a post:

  • Click on Create post
post page
  • Create you post, you can also include an image as well.

Arrow labeled 1 is where you can write things about product or just a brief description , arrow 2 is where you can use to insert an image, it helps to make you post more beautiful and informative and arrow 3 is where you click when you are done with the post contents so customers can now view it on your page.

Using Facebook ads

Now it is time to use the Facebook ads on the page you have created, with the assumption that your have a debit master card which you will get from your bank.

There are basically three ways to use a Facebook ads.

  • To promote a Facebook page
  • To boost a Facebook post
  • To promote your website, provided it is included in your Facebook page

We will look at the first two points, as it is our main points, if you need the third, let me know in the comments and i will see to it.

Now be to be able to promote or boost a page or post on Facebook respectively you will need to add debit card details ,so Facebook can charge you for the promotion, as you use, that is you get charged based on what you use.

How to add credit card details on Facebook

Follow the steps below to add your credit card details to Facebook.

  • Goto settings by clicking on the arrow icon in as show in the image below
  • Click on settings
  • click on payments
add payments
  • Click on Ads billing
Facebook ads billing
  • Click on payment settings
payment settings ads
  • Click on Add Payment Method
Facebook ads payment method
  • fill in your correct debit card details and click continue
Facebook card details

Now your bank card details has being added to Facebook. you can now perform Facebook ads

Promoting/Boosting a Facebook post

To promote a Facebook post is simple , what you need to do is as follows.

  • Goto the post on your Facebook page that you want to promote. You should see Boost Post beneath the post, like the image below. click on boost page
Facebook post ads
  • Set up boosting your post

The arrow 1 is where you set up the post boosting the way you want like what result you want from the post, Duration and budget of the boosted post and adding buttons to link to places on your post etc. after that you can click the Arrow 2 to confirm that you want the post to be boosted or promoted in other to reach more people.

Difference between Facebook page and post promotion/Boosting

Promoting Facebook page is different from boosting Facebook post. Post boost is just to promote that particular post so more people can view it while the Page promotion is just to promote your page so more people can know about your page.

How to promote your Facebook page

  • Click on promote
promote Facebook page
  • Select Promote your page
Promote Facebook page
  • Accept the terms by clicking accept and the a pop up will show, just click done
Promote facebook page
  • Don not be alerted by the warning “This ad may not run”, it is a non discriminate policy by Facebook to ensure your page is not discriminating. click on arrow 1, opening it on a new tap to read the policy. Then refresh the promote page and and start promoting the page again, with this the warning will be gone
    Arrow 2 is where you set up what you want and how you want the page to be promoted.
    Arrow 3 is where you confirm you are done with setting up the page and wants to proceed with the promotion. click on promote
Facebook page promotion

And you are done promoting your page.

How to totally remove credit card from Facebook

You might want to remove your credit card details on Facebook for various reasons like maybe you do not want to use such card again or you do not want to be charged through it anymore, either way here is how to remove your credit card from Facebook.

  • Click on the arrow icon pointing downloads
Remove credit card from facebook
  • Click on settings
Settings on Facebook
  • click on payments
add payments
  • Click on Ads billings
Facebook ads billing
  • click on Payment settings
payment settings ads
  • Click on remove
  • Confirm removal by clicking remove

And you are done with removing your credit card totally from Facebook