To buy Tron Crypto currency was initially difficult to buy, as we had to buy Ethereum first then convert it to Tron. This way of buying or having Tron is tedious and the amount of network and gas charges in purchasing and swapping Ethereum to Tron is crazily high, it is not effective to buy Tron this way.

Best way to buy Tron Crypto currency

With the introduction of Tron in the Roqqu wallet it is now easier to buy Tron directly from Roqqu and cut off all charges of swapping, making you invest better in Tron wallet.

Benefits of using Roqqu wallet for purchasing CryptoCurrency

  • Safe: Everything is kept under military grade encryption from end-to-end keeping your digital assets safe when buying, selling or storing.
  • Fast : Built with latest and advanced technologies, Roqqu is lightweight thus providing near instant buy and sell orders for newbies or seasoned traders.
  • Reliable: We know how hectic life can be, managing your crypto shouldn’t be, with a 99.99% uptime, Roqqu is always operational.

How to use Roqqu wallet

There are just Four (4) steps to get you started with Roqqu both on mobile phone and on laptops, all the same on both kind of devices.

  • Register on Roqqu
  • Add withdrawal bank account details
  • Make Deposit to your Roqqu wallet
  • Buy Tron or any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

How to register on Roqqu

  • To go to sign up click here
  • Fill in your correct details as it appears in your bank account and click Sign Up for account and you will be logged into Roqqu
Create roqque account
  • Verify your email by going to the registered email by clicking on the link sent to your email, which takes you to a web browser and you are done with verification.

How to add bank withdrawal details to Roqqu

  • Click on overview to go back to your dash board
Roqque dash board
  • Click on deposit
Deposit in Roqque
  • Enter amount, you want to deposit and click on Proceed with deposit
Deposit in roqque
  • Select a payment option, I prefer the debit card to bank transfer because it is more secure, reliable and what i use always.
  • Enter your debit card details and click proceed to pay. And wait for 2-3 minutes for the deposit to reflect in your Roqqu dash board
Deposit into roqque

How to purchase Tron Crypto currency

  • Click on buy/sell
Buy Tron
  • Click on instant buy
  • Select the currency you want to buy, in this case select Tron Crypto currency (TRX)
Buy Tron
  • Enter the amount of Tron you want to buy in your local currency and click proceed with the purchase.
Amount of Tron in my local currency

How to withdraw from Roqqu to Bank Account

  • Sell the crypto currency first on Roqqu, Click on Buy/Sell in other for you to sell the crypto currency and get equivalent money value in your local currency
sell your Tron
  • Select Instant Sell
Instant sell  of Tron
  • select the currency you have something to sell, for instant lets just pick Tron
  • Enter the Amount of tron you want to withdraw and click Proceed with sale . And then click proceed on the next prompt to withdraw to wallet in Roqqu before you can withdraw to bank account.
  • Click on withdraw , to get your money in your Roqqu wallet to your bank account
withdraw Tron to bank account
  • Click on withdraw to bank account
Withdraw Tron to Bank Account
  • Enter amount you want to withdraw and click Proceed with withdrawal . On the next prompt select the bank account you want to withdraw your money into.