C++ Compiler installation on windows

C++ compiler such as Dev c++ compiler, is a portable compiler use for compilation of codes writing in C++ programming language. C++ is a high level programming language, meaning it is closer to human language and easy to understand when compared with assembly language which is a low level language. To compile your C++ code you can use various compiler software related to C++ like code block, Dev C++ compiler and others. But in this article we will concentrate on installing dev C++ for compiling your C++ code.

steps on installing Dev C++

Step 1: go to the Dev C++ website and download the Executable file. Click on download and Wait for you download to start automatically.

C++ download website

Step 2 Once you are through with downloading, go to your download folder and locate the Dev c++ compiler executable file you just downloaded on your laptop. Double click on the executable

located Dev C++ on pc

Step 3 A pop up will be displayed click yes to start installation process. click ok for English

Dev C++ installation

Click on I Agree

Dev C++ installation

Click on install

Dev C++ installation
Installation of C++ Dev

Click on finish you are done with the installation

How to set up Dev C++ compiler

When Dev C++ compiler is open for the first time, select English and click on next.

Installation of C++ compiler

click on next

Installation of C++ compiler

Click on ok. you are done with your setup

installation of c++ Compiler

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