How to know Mr. right guy

The right partner differs from one individual to another individual, but the fact remains that there are so many similarities in our various perception of Mr. right guy.

We will be looking at the most common evolution of knowing Mr. right guy. Before that let me list what is not a measure or evaluation for Mr. right guy. The following are deceitful when use to evaluate Mr. right guy or the right partner for you.

Wrong way to determine Mr. right

  • Appearance: As the old saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”, you should never use the appearance of a man to totally evaluates how right he is for you, because such evaluation are deceitful.
  • Financial Capacity: It is good to data or plan to marry a wealthy man, but with all the wealth in the world a man, it does not show he is the right guy for you. He can still have the money but still leaves you unloved and sad
  • Popularity: A popular guy is mostly loved by the majority, but one thing to note, you are not the majority, what you love is different from what the majority love. Never love or think he is your Mr. right guy because other people loves him. The question is, is your certainty that he is Mr. right base on your conclusion or based on other people’s conclusion?

Now we know, how not to evaluate Mr. right guy. The question remains, how do we evaluate our supposed Mr. right guy properly, that is the proper criteria use to evaluate the right partner.

right partner

Essential ways to determine the right partner

  • Future Plans: Mr. right guy always have a plan for his future, long term or short term, in other to be a better person. Never make a man who does not want to be better than his yesterday your partner. Also a Mr. right guy will always see you as his right partner, because he will always add you to his plan due to the fact that he sees you as part of his future. A man that does not have plans for both of you, but only himself should not be the right partner.
  • Up and Doing:  Mr. right will never be comfortable living at the mercy of others, he loves to work for what he earns no matter how low the job maybe. He does not totally depend on people to survive as he knows he needs to learn to survive on his own whether someone is they to help or not because he sees his self as someone that should be able to provide for your needs and in the future provide for the needs of his family (you and his children). Never make a man who is very comfortable having you to provide for your needs and his needs you Mr. right.
  • Support: A guy that supports and serves as an encourage in whatever positive thing you intend doing. He always strives to push you another for you to be better than when he met you. He is not self-centered as you are his concern as well, a part of him.
  • Never puts you down: Mr. right guy will never judge you for your mistakes both past and present rather he will correct and advice you with love and never use your mistakes against you in anyway. The right partner will never hurt you deliberately with events of your past and present mistakes, he seeks to correct your with love provided you are willing to change for good.
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