In life there are so many kinds of friends we meet and come in contact with. Friends plays a big role in our life, in most cases our friends can influence the kind of lifestyle we live, our aspiration in life and our achievement.

It is paramount to have a good friend who can take you from your initial state to a more better state and like wise it is important we ourselves become friends in which others can benefit and aspire to be like, a good friend . Below are 13 kinds of friends we should pray to have a lasting relationship with.

13 kinds of friends every one should have

  1. The ANCHOR: This are the set of friends who are always ready to encourage you and gives you advice during your difficult times, there serve as an external strength to you and renews your mind and way of thinking for you to achieve your desired goals, even in discouraging situations of life, these people keep you going with encouraging words.  
  2. DESTINY HELPER: These are set of friends that are always available to give you ideas and advise that can shape your destiny, they are more likely to bring you closer to achieving your goals by taking it as theirs. In most cases they have the connections and are willing to use that connection to help you in achieving your dreams. They provide shoulders upon which you ride to fulfilling your dream and destiny.
  3. THE GIVER: This set of friends are willing to support you even if they cannot give or are not good at giving encouraging words, they are willing to support in so many other ways like in terms of finances, their time and more, even if they themselves do not have enough, they still give from the little they have, they are selfless. These ones will give of their time, talent, and treasure to you in your hour of need.
  4. THE RECEIVER: These ones are different from routine takers and serial beggars, you can’t be blessed if you don’t give, and you can’t give if there is no one to receive. Not all lands bring forth fruits, and not all hands that receive, command blessings. This are set of individual who attracts blessings upon those who are good to them, especially those who they receive from. You need those whose receiving hands will trigger abundant blessings unto you.
  5. THE PRAYER CONQUEROR: These are individuals that will always stand in for you in prayers, they are willing to take your burden as theirs and whenever they pray, you are rest assured that your requests are also laid at God’s feet.Most people pray from their heads only, prayer conquerors pray from their hearts.
  6. THE RECOMMENDER: These are friends who gives worthy words of mouth about you, they do not hesitate to quickly say something good about you, whether you are there nor not, you are rest assured they will always vouch positively for you. They are the ones who mention your name in quarters where your skills and talents will be celebrated.
  7. THE CORRECTOR: This Individuals are those that comes out plain and tells you where you are wrong, not with the aim of putting you down but to correct you, in other to make you better. They do not lie to you, telling you that you are right when you are wrong, in other to gain favor from you like other people may do. These are the ones who honestly tell you when you are wrong, they prevent you from digging a grave of mistakes that may hurt you when it resurfaces.
  8. THE COMMITTED: These are individual who are always ready to be by your side, they may not have any impact on you whether positive or negative, but one thing is sure they will always stand by you in good, bad or even worst times.
  9. THE LOYAL: This individual loves you to the core, it might seems as if you are a relative to them because they will treat you like one or even treat you better then their relatives. They work with you with all of their hearts to make things work in your life.
  10. THE ALTRUIST: Life to this set of friends is not worth living when you are not involved. These ones believe that life is not just about them, it is about you too.
  11. THE RELIABLE: These are friends you can trust with all your heart, when they make a promise they do not break it, when it comes to you. They act as a backbone to fall back on when needed. You can count on them when it counts most.
  12. THE CONTENTED: This kinds of friend are happy with what they have, nothing more and nothing less, they do not get jealous of you when you out shine them or attains something they do not have. These ones are not greedy, they are satisfied with whatever they get from you no matter how small and they bless you from their hearts for it.
  13. LOVER AND PURSUER OF GOD AND GODLY LIFE: This set of individuals are lovers of God, they play a role to set you aright in your life, they tell you whats right and God’s plan for you. These ones are always connected to God and tries to live a holy life.


Be sincere to yourself, what kind of an friend are you ?,

I am a number 1,2,5,11 and 12 friend, Pick your numbers