Ways to prepare for marriage

Marriage is the coming together of persons to become husband and wife. The society as a whole look at marriage as one of the key thing that should take place in the life of an individual, as majority of people, will love to be a father or a mother someday and to have family of their own, but in as much as marriage is important, in it’s own way, people still don’t understand its process or how to go about it. I will be outlining some ways to prepare for marriage, which are:

Acquire knowledge

To acquire knowledge, is very important in the preparation of marriage, in as much as some people believe experience is the best teacher, but that is not the case. Marriage is not something you jump into without being prepared, else you might end up jumping in and jumping out immediately. You should acquire knowledge, learn from those that are already into marriage, look at their mistake and learn how not to make such mistakes. There are various ways you can acquire knowledge.

Ways to acquire knowledge

  • By reading relationship and marriage books, as it is said books holds hidden secret, put gold inside a book and out of one hundred people only 2 would find it, that is to say people find it difficult to read books, only few people read books and they gain lots of benefits from it. Get books on marriage and relations and read them.
  • Get counseled by an expert in the field of marriage, it is better you take your time in sharping an axe before cutting a tree with it, because it would make the job much easier to do than to use a blunt axe to cut a tree, which will take more time and much effort to do, you might even get frustrated and quit the job. It is not big of a deal to get advice on marriage from an expert, if you have the resources to. Do it once and get a healthy marriage for life.

It is not just enough to acquire the knowledge, also prepare your mind to utilized the knowledge acquired

Work on yourself

We all want to get married to great people, people who are influential, people who have wealth at the tip of their fingers, people who can offer you everything you need. The question is what can you offer them? It is good to dream big about who you want to get marriage to, but will a person having all the said attribute you desire like to be with someone like you ? When you need someone big, you have to meet up as well, you have to be big as well, even if it is not too big but it should be moderate.

It is only in movies a prince gets married to the poorest girl in the village or a queen fall in love with the poorest of men around, it rarely happens in real world. In essence work on yourself make yourself ready for what you desire in your dream partner, so when you meet such person, that person will also want someone like you, due to the self-growth you have attained.

Let go of pride

Most times we have this pride that no one is up to us, or is near our standard. Though it’s good to take pride in your achievements, but when you start using it to think less of others, it becomes a problem. You might ask what does this have to do with preparing marriage, it has a lot to do with it.

Take for instance, having such character of pride and you eventually get married, you will always look at your spouse as a lesser person, such act can bring about low self-esteem in your spouse and can even lead to jealousy and cause unhealthy competition between you and your spouse, instead of both of you working together as husband and wife, the home becomes a war zone and with people living like strangers. Work on your pride.

Do not let achievement control you rather be in control of them.

Kanu Mike

Be financially capable

Being financially capable as a preparation for marriage is essential, this does not refer to young men alone, but also to ladies. Being financially capable before getting married does not mean you should have the whole world before you can get married or own an oil well before getting married, in as much as you can provide for two or more from your salary or wage and have a steady income, you are good to go. Waiting for a very long time before marriage has its down sides.

Be mentally matured

In preparing for marriage, you must be mentally matured, be able to take decisions on your own. For the young men you must be a man and not a boy and for the ladies be supportive and not a liability. Married is not for people without a matured mentality, you should be able to keep silence when angry, in other not to make matters worse.

You should be able to say you are sorry even if you are right for peace to reign and when the atmosphere is more calm, you can walk up to your spouse and iron out things peacefully. You should know how to address issues in public and as well in private. Mental maturity is something we never stop learning; we learn it every day of our life.

Take away words

Finally, Married itself is a school, we enter into it and keep learning from it daily, but it is better you enter prepared than entering without an idea of how it works.

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