Why men cheat

The question, why do men cheat? must have lingered in your heart for so long and it seem to that all men are the same and we all cheat. Firstly, I will say you are not totally wrong, but there are things you should know.

What you should know

Men are born cheaters, it is in the nature of men to cheat, even though he is a religious person or not. It is just in our nature to cheat, but mind you all men are not the same, what separate a bad man from a good man, is when it comes to relationship a good man is willing to try not to cheat on you.

It is in our nature to cheat, does not mean we do not have the power to stay faithful if we want to or try not to cheat. Some men fight that nature and have the will to make themselves not to cheat, while others just embrace the nature of cheating willingly.

“ A man that cheats willingly is the real cheater”

Kanu Mike

Now the question should not be why men cheat, but how can i make my man less of a cheater.

Why men Cheat
Less of a cheater

Making my man less of a cheat

Understanding: one of the key attribute of a good relationship is understanding. Understanding the kind of person your man is, can reduce the tendency of him to cheat on you. Knowing what he likes, what he does not like, when he’s sad and how to cheer him up are all important, as knowing all these and doing them, gives him a mindset of relaxation and comfort knowing someone understands him and no one can understand him better.

All men love to be with woman that gives them peace of mind and there is no better way to give your man peace than understanding his kind of person.

Feel Secure: Never make your man feel insure around you or with you in general. Making him feel insecure as if he’s trying too hard to keep you or you are making him see reasons that they are lot of guys asking you out who are better than him and he might lose you, such things makes a man feel insecure, which can increase the chances of him cheating on you, because he already feels he has lost you. Rather than making him feel insecure, keep reassuring him of your love for him and that you are his. As it will boast him morale towards you and chances of cheating can be reduced.

Thinking less of himself: Do not make your man think less of himself, I have seen a lot of ladies make their man feel less of himself and It ends up destroying their relationship. How do you make him feel less of himself? When you compare him in a negative way with other guys, when you enjoy spending time with another guy even though he’s with you, when you make long and very emotionally attached calls to other guys in his presence, you might feel all of these do not matter but they matter a lot.

All these makes your man feel he’s not worth you or you do not love him and you are just playing with his feelings.  He will rather look for a better girl that will appreciate him and that will not make him think less of himself.

Take away

Never expect too much from a guy or anyone in general, so when they break your trust you would not get too hurt. Also if your man is the kind that cheat willingly, you just have to let go, if you can not cope, it can only take divine intervention to change such a man into a non-cheat.